Who we are

Bring Value Agripreneurs Consulting provides consultancy services to both individual and corporate entities involved in agribusiness. Our services include agribusiness investor guide, enterprise management, market linkage and business process reengineering to ensure compliance, market accessibility and profitability.

Our Vision

The company of choice in agribusiness consultancy

Mission Statement

To provide timely, quality and appropriate services to ensure fair and sustainable return on investment while creating jobs and respecting environment.

Our Services

What we do

  • Investor training and concepts development
  • Agro inputs, crop management, harvesting
  • Certification (Global Gap, Statutory licenses and approvals)
  • Post-harvest management of the produce to avoid post-harvest loses
  • Transport logistics , Maintaining cool chain, handling of the produce, packability of the harvested produce, cold room costs, understanding the produce and storage requirements
  • Processing – pack house operations, value addition , minimizing pack house loses and wastage, labor management, hygiene and food safety, certification for market access,
  • Sales and marketing – Brand development, product market match , customer visits, freight logistics (block space agreements, documentation etc)
  • Change Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Performance
  • Operations Improvement
  • Risk Management

Why Bring Value Agripreneurs

Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, fast, can provide expert advice and can work on short deadlines, we will take the following steps to support consulting services:

  • Maintain only highly qualified and skilled team
  • Ensure account team members use our proprietary planning and reporting process to stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on projects
  • Provide public relations training to all our team
  • Develop close relationships with subcontractors who can support us in areas such as graphic design, to ensure materials and presentations are always clear and maintain a consistent brand
  • All our staff members and those we engage are adequately qualified and knowledgeable of the job content
  • We are a virtual company without a lot of overhead costs or strict corporate rules, which saves time, money and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done

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